Specialty Medical Centers in Tarrant County: What You Need to Know

As the population of Tarrant County continues to expand, so does the need for specialized medical care. With a variety of medical centers offering a range of services, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. From advanced technology to doctor-led care teams, here is what you need to know about the specialty medical centers in Tarrant County. At JPS, we prioritize the health and safety of our community.

We ask that all patients and visitors wear a mask when on JPS property. When you are referred to one of our hospitals, you can expect a team of experienced professionals to provide specialized care for your complex medical needs. Your doctor-led care team will visit you daily to review and evaluate your condition, helping you recover as much as possible.

UT Southwestern Monty and Tex Moncrief Medical Center

Located in the heart of Fort Worth's burgeoning medical district, UT Southwestern Monty and Tex Moncrief Medical Center offers innovative patient care, cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking research. It is accredited by the Joint Commission on Respiratory Failure and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and has more than 106,500 square feet of space.

With doctors from UT Southwestern faculty, this medical center provides exceptional outpatient care and consultation.

Medical City Alliance

Medical City Alliance serves families in Fort Worth, Keller, Haslet, Saginaw, and surrounding communities in Tarrant County. Pregnant women enjoy every comfort here, with a level of luxury and personal indulgence that feels more like an exclusive hotel than a medical center. The full-service emergency room is open 24 hours a day.

Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center

Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute in North Texas. It offers a range of services for cancer patients, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and clinical trials.

Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest

Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest is a 92-bed long-term intensive care hospital that treats patients with chronic and serious illnesses with specialized care that requires an extended stay in a hospital setting.

UT Southwestern providers are available in more than a dozen specialties. Tarrant County residents now have access to a variety of specialty medical centers that provide innovative patient care and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are looking for prenatal care or cancer treatment, there is sure to be a medical center that meets your needs.

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