What is the Average Patient Readmission Rate in Tarrant County Medical Centers?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administer several programs that base reimbursement rates on hospital quality measures. One such program is the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), which adjusts a hospital's reimbursement rate for doctor visits and procedures based on preventing patients from being readmitted after discharge. Definitive Healthcare's HospitalView product records all-cause hospital readmission rates in more than 4,300 U. S.

hospitals, with an average rate of 15.0%. Readmission rates range from 9.9% to 22.5%, with Massachusetts hospitals having the highest average rate of nearly 16.0%. Florida, New Jersey, and Washington D. C.

have an average readmission rate of 15.6%. When analyzing 480 hospitals with readmission rates greater than 16.0%, the states of Florida, Illinois, New York, and California had the most hospitals with high readmission rates. Analyzing additional hospital data from states with the highest readmission rates provides an insight into the possible reasons why their hospitals may have higher rates. Generally speaking, larger hospitals have a higher number of annual discharges: 9,234 on average in the five major states and 5,421 in all hospitals.

The higher volume of patients also translates into an increase in the number of Medicare patients. Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, New York, and D. are in the top ten when it comes to Medicare discharges. The older age of Medicare patients means that many may have chronic conditions, comorbidities, or post-acute care needs that increase the chances of readmission.

On the other hand, Utah has an average hospital readmission rate of 14.3%, the lowest of any state. Hawaii and Washington have average readmission rates of 14.4%. This table shows hospital ratings in Wise, Ellis, Dallas, Parker, Denton, Johnson, Tarrant, and Tarrant counties in Texas. Healthcare Insights is developed with the healthcare business intelligence of the Definitive Healthcare platform.

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