What Services Do Medical Centers in Tarrant County, Texas Offer?

The Brooks Building at 1101 South Main Street in Fort Worth, TX 76104 is the home of the Disease Surveillance, Extension, and Prevention (DSOP) department. If you need to get in touch with the Tarrant County Telephone Operator, you can call the Main County Campus at 817-884-1111. The Community Center is a great place for people to find a sense of community, purpose, and empowerment in a social setting. Tarrant County is not responsible for the content or endorses any site that is linked from the Tarrant County website. In partnership with Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County (MHA) and local police departments, the LOSS team provides outreach to suicide survivors. If you need to get in touch with them, dial 817-338-8430.

The free, government-qualified health center provides health care to low-income patients. This system is known as the Coordinated Access System (CAS) and is governed by the main agency, the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (TCHC).Are you looking for free or low-cost medical or dental care, eye tests, medications, and more? You can find it at a clinic in the Arlington or Forth Worth, TX area. MHMR works together with several housing agencies and organizations in Tarrant County to provide housing and comprehensive services to the homeless, as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).The programs, which include telehealth and free virtual doctors, are available at Tarrant County clinics for children and adults, as well as for people who are underinsured. You can find free clinics in Tarrant and Fort Worth Counties, Texas, as well as federally qualified community health centers.

Access to these services is provided through a partnership with Tarrant County Juvenile Justice.

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